Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letters for Lyrics

Soldiers' Angels Dodge Ram Letters for Lyrics Zac Brown Band concert Orange Beach Alabama 2159 letters! What a fun time we had! Getting to know Angels I had never met before was so much fun.
The concert crowd was AWESOME! Many Angels worked the crowd, catching them as they waited in lines, handing them postcards to write while they waited for admittance, drinks, pit stop, etc. The night got really cool and breezy just as the Zac Brown Band went on stage. The dew fell, covering our tables and postcards with condensation. The wet tables didn't dampen our spirits one bit.
One mini-angel named Dakota was our cheerleader and announcer. He did a great job drawing the Letters for Lyrics participants to our tables. The few notes I was able to read were so heartfelt and sincere. I know our military is going to love getting those cards. I am glad I got to attend.


  1. I'm glad I got to attend and meet all of you guys!

  2. Me to Joanna. I wish I could have posted the picture of all of us behind the tables, but could not pull the photo from Jeff's FB. I don't know why we can't snag those photo from each other anymore.

  3. I got it. If you pull it up there is an option that says 'download'. it should let you download it to your pc. if not, let me know and i'll email you a copy.

  4. I finally got all the photos but the blog won't let me change the photos or add any. Bummer!